You can access free WiFi at Landsbókasavnið. You will find the password for the WiFi, on tables around the library. 

IT facilities

The library provides public access computers for the users of the library.

The Reading Room

There is a number of study tables in the reading room. At each table you find plugs and you have access to the network also there is free wifi.

Here you can also work with materials such as documents and books from the Faroese Colllection which can not be taken out of the house.

Faroese newspapers

List of Faroese newspapers and other daily newspapers on microfilm. These Microfilms are only available in the Library.

Faroese Digitized newspapers and periodicals can be found online

In addition, Dimmalætting has been digitized from 2003-2015 and Sosialurin from 2000-2015. Access is available at the library. Ask an employee for help.


In the hallway our guests have access to lockers for storage.

Access for disabled people

Parking for disabled people is available right in front of the library. There are no thresholds in the building so wheelchairs are no hindrance. Elevator is available.